Covid Measures


While we can now meet face to face again, your health and safety would always be my priority. Therefore, the following procedures will be implemented to keep yourself and all my clients safe. 

As a therapiest I would check that I am in good health before you arrive for treatment and do my best to maintain myself healthy so as to protect you. I have taken both doses of vaccination already and am having PCR test on a weekly basis to minimize the risk.

  • If you feel unwell on the day of appointment with any of the covid symptoms (recent onset of continuous cough, high temperature, loss of or change in normal sense of smell and taste), no matter how mild they may appear to be, please contact me for rescheduling or alternatively we may switch to an online session

  • You would be recommended to wear a face covering during our session

  • Please arrive my home on time

  • You would be provided with hand sanitizer on entry to my home

  • You are recommended to scan the NHS QR code to register via your phone for NHS Track and Trace purpose

  • Your body temperature will be taken with a forehead thermometer

  • You would remove your shoes, and place your other belongings and coat in a box given, which will be disinfected after each use.

  • During your time in my home, you will have no contact with anyone other than myself. I would wear PPE including medical mask, gloves and aprons. 

  • The sofa, treatment couch, pillow will be covered that will either be disinfected or disposable after each client. Blanket would be washed and disinfected according to healthcare standard after each use.

  • The window will be kept opened throughout the session for ventilation

  • A enhanced hygiene level with daily cleaning checklist is adhere after each client and at the end of the day

  • Head area will be treated either remotely or with extra safeguarding

  • You are requested to let me know if you feel unwell prior to your visit on the day, and up to 14 days after your visit. Should anyone reported unwell during or up to 14 days after your visit, you will be notified

  • All payments will be made electronically, either through a payment machine, or a link can be sent to you for online payment.