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Distant Reiki 

Reiki can be done either in-person or remotely, and with a distance I don't mean having my hands few inches from you, but having a proper reiki session while you are at home in another place on earth. Remote session is something I have been doing always for clients living outside London, and that's what I have still been able to offer reiki treatments during covid lockdown for my NHS patients as well as private clients. While we can meet face to face now, some would prefer to have remote session for various reason so I'm keeping this option available in the future so reiki session can be made via private session online or over the phone. 

It would be lovely to have a reiki session in-person, however, this may not be permitted all the time. This maybe that you are based in another country, in a physical condition that the travelling to see a therapist would be challenging, or simply enjoying the ease of having a session from home so you can carry on relaxing or having a rest afterwards instead of the hassle of making your way home. Indeed this has 

How does remote Reiki session work?

Reiki is an energy work. This means I am connecting with you energetically, no matter you are in front of me in person or you are in anywhere else in the world. That's why it can be done on a remote basis and doesn’t affect the treatment by not being able to meet in person. This means we can still have some reiki sessions during special time likes Covid, in case you have relocated, or in situation such as you are not feeling well enough to come over to see me.

What will happen during a session?

Everything stays the same as our in-person session except this will be done via Skype or FaceTime!


When you book a treatment, please indicate how you may like the session to happen - in FaceTime, Skype or phone call, or if you prefer other ways please feel free to contact me. Same as our usual in-person sessions we will have a chat before the treatment, then instead of lying on my treatment couch I would ask you to find yourself a comfortable place that you can be for around 45 minutes for the treatment. Most people may choose to lie on the bed or sofa, or this could be any position that you are able to relax. We will maintain online during the treatment to make sure all is well and you may speak to me anytime just like our usual in-person session.

You would have a choice that we have a chat again to see how you feel when the treatment has finished just like our in person session, or I may end the call myself after the treatment and we can have a chat later the day if you preferred, as the lovely bit of remote session is that you can choose to carry on resting as long as you like because you won’t need to worry about leaving my place! Some of my clients said they prefer online sessions now as they finally don't need to wake themselves up after the treatment!

How would I feel differently as compare to an in-person treatment?

You may be surprised online session may not be too much of a difference as compare to a in-person session. If you have had reiki session before you would understand there is a sense of inner peacefulness or relaxing feeling that is difficult to put into words. Some may feel a warmth sensation and tingling on different parts of the body, or some very sensitive people may see colours, images or have the sense of energetic connection. Most people found they feel similarly on a remote session, or my experience tells sometimes it could be even stronger as you won't need to worry about the touch and you are normally at your home that you already feel at ease. If you have been with me for more than one session, you would understand every reiki session may feel different anyway and that applies the same on remote session as well so the difference may not be about online or in-person, but every reiki session is a unique one addressing to your needs and concerns at that moment.

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