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Feedback from my clients

"I was a complete reiki novice when I saw Maureen for the first time. I went for a very stressful time last year and I was emotionally drained very close to losing hope. Her calmness, dedication and caring nature put me in a relaxed state session after session. Maureen is incredibly patient, gentle, quietly assuring and always positive. I have quickly started feeling physically and emotionally better and stronger…Now I feel more energized, clear-minded and having more joy in life.

I have seen her periodically and I feel incredibly grateful that she came into my life. I would recommend Reiki with her to anyone!"

“I began seeing Maureen Chang for Reiki sessions last year during a challenging time in my life when I felt my health and general state of mind needed improving but not quite knowing how to change thingsI had not tried Reiki before but really feel that it made a profound difference and often symptoms and also anxiety eased and went away after sessions with Maureen. I found Maureen to be a very empathetic, wise and skilled person and for those seeking positive change in their lives and health , I highly recommend Maureen Chang’s Reiki. “



"Maureen is an exceptional and caring therapist, who establishes deep connections and finds even the issues you forget to mention. As soon as I start talking to her I feel I'm in a safe space and I relax immediately. I find my reiki sessions with Maureen deeply comforting and although I usually fall asleep, I can feel the energy flowing. The treatments bring feelings of peace and centeredness, helping me to manage anxiety and stress, and soothing my pains. After each meeting, I am balanced and calm and I can breathe more easily."

"I really benefited from the reiki sessions with Maureen as her approach is care-centric and holistic. As a survivor of sexual assault and currently dealing with PTSD and depression, the sessions helped release a lot of negative energy that were held on by my body and I was able to feel a sense of re-connection with my body. Furthermore, Maureen shows genuine care during the session on my well-being and her warmth and kindheartedness makes the reiki sessions a whole lot more healing. "



"I noticed a huge difference in how I was feeling. I felt a great amount of positivity and felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders......What I really enjoyed about the experience with Maureen is that from the moment I met her, I could tell she really cared about my needs and was focused on how Reiki could help me in my life. She was a really calming influence throughout, which put me totally at ease, and even though I was a bit sceptical, after actually feeling the sensations of energy flowing in my body, I realised the power of Reiki is undeniable."


"Reflecting my time with Maureen, I feel spacious to connect with myself and the therapist. The space was nurturing and freeing. I just let go and a testament for me to trust you. I feel open, and it has been a great space to come into. I feel grounded and centred, also aware of the tender feeling surrounding me."

"Maureen is very professional, kind and caring. She patiently explained the reiki session to me before we started. I found the experience very relaxing and calming and have now had several reiki sessions.  I would recommend both reiki and Maureen to anyone considering if reiki can help them" 

"I was instantly at ease when I first met Maureen and felt comfortable to openly talk to her about what had been troubling me. Her room was comfortable, and she was incredibly inviting. After my sessions with Maureen I felt so relaxed and as if a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Her work did wonders for me and I will continue to go to Maureen any time I feel I am in need of a reiki session."

"The care provides my wife with hope, care and respite from the punishing treatment demanded of an impossible illness. It also provide me, the sole carer with a level of support that made my wife's last few months almost bearable."

"It was a year ago this very week that you gave my little sister, 2 lots of reiki treatment; the second one helping her go safely and peacefully on her journey. I am so happy that this post popped up so I could say a personal 'Thank you' for all that you gave, I have thought about you on several occasions wishing I could express to you what a wonderful gift you gave, so here it is sealed with much love."

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